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How to Restore Tarnished Locksets

How to Restore Tarnished Locksets
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How to Restore Tarnished LocksetsEven if your house has top-quality brass door locksets, they may still tarnish over time. This is a natural process which involves the changing of the metal surface due to its exposure to air and moisture. The good news is that the shine of the metal can be brought back. Find out how to do this.

Full Preparation

Clean the lockset thoroughly - Use lemon juice or the mildest solvent such as mineral spirits to remove any greasy marks on the metal surface of the home lock. Dissolve a small amount of liquid detergent in cool water and use this solution to clean the surface with soft lint-free cloth. Damp a cloth in clean water,rinse and then dry the surface with cloth as well.

Tarnish Removal and Improvement

Get a safe tarnish remover - You can purchase a commercially made product which does not cause rust and corrosion. Otherwise, you will cause damage and require extensive lock repair or eventuallyreplacement. Alternatively, you can prepare a remover yourself. You simply need to mix equal amounts of lemon juice and white vinegar and add a sufficient amount of baking soda to create a paste.

Add a sufficient amount of the remover to soft cloth and apply it to the tarnished surface - Scrub the surface with sufficient amount of force, but do it gently and with care. Rub the spots with thicker tarnish more vigorously. Add more of the liquid or paste if needed. Keep scrubbing the surface until its original color is restored and it begins to shine.

Clean any remaining traces of the remover with damp soft cloth after the tarnish is gone - It is essential for the solution or paste to be removed as it may cause damage if it stays on. It is highly unlikely to pose a serious problem and the need for lock repair or replacement, but the remaining stains can be quite unpleasant and rust may form eventually. Remember to dry the surface completely as well. No traces of water should remain on it either.

Apply lacquer or another type of protective coating, if needed - This coating will help the surface to retain its looks and its shine to an extent. Cover each section of the surface with thin layer of the coating and do not leave any gaps. Keep in mind that lacquer can be removed easily and quickly with peeling at any time.

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