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Maximum security is not difficult to achieve when you make the right decisions. The following tips are designed to help you with taking the best action in various situations which have to do with door locks and keys. They cover different locksmith topics that are highly important and should not be underestimated.

Keep all windows locked

More than half of home intrusions happen through windows. A large percentage of such burglaries takes place because the windows were wide open, not locked or had simple latches. Our specialists can tell you which window locks are best and have them installed for you. Even if you have good locks, remember to lock the windows during the day. Burglaries happen at noon, too.

Inspect the locks often

How many doors do you use each day? Most people usually enter their homes through garages or the main door. Some will also use the back door once or twice. The rest of the window and door locks are hardly used and so you can never tell if there are problems and the need for lock repair. Take some time to inspect them.

Get new home locks which have reliable protection against forceful attacks

You will benefit from having deadbolts installed on all your exterior doors. The ideal deadbolt has a throw of one inch and a bolt that is resistant to sawing, which is a commonly used break-in technique. A reinforced strike plate will also lower the risk of successful forceful entry attempts. This is important since the plate is usually the most vulnerable component.

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